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The process of data integration has traditionally been done using structured and semistructured data in batch-oriented use cases.

In the last few years, real-time data has become the new frontier for many enterprises, and real-time streaming of unstructured or binary data has been a particularly tough nut to crack.

They might not be as versatile, but they are very low cost compared to the unaffordable professional ones.

These three digital social innovations can potentially improve health for thousands of people.

For instance, in China the giant is already using drones to deliver products to remote areas.

Digital innovation helps companies to improve their businesses and they might even transform private households into gigantic storage rooms.

This aspect highlights a key property of deep learning networks—the ability of data scientists to choose the right architecture for the input data type so the network can automatically learn features.

All of this is also directly dependent on having enough quality data that is properly labeled and appropriate for the problem at hand.

The 90km per hour flying drones reach their destination in minutes compare to hours to help saving lives.

Another case: Ada a personal mobile health guide, invented in Germany.


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