Solar Panels Business Plan

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Luckily, it doesn’t take much time or expertise to reap the benefits of digital marketing.In this new series from Aurora Solar, we’ll walk through the variety of tools and platforms that solar companies can incorporate into their digital solar marketing efforts.Social media is also an excellent venue for connecting with customers.

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Once a company’s website is optimized, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—including the strategic use of keywords that customers may be searching for—can help make the website rank higher in Google search results.

Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges of marketing has been that it is hard to measure the results of different initiatives, like mailing flyers or putting up billboards.

The beauty of digital solar marketing, in contrast, is that there are many ways to gather data and track the impact of certain initiatives.

Paid options like Google Adwords, which allow companies to rank higher for certain relevant search terms, can also increase the visibility of a website.

These digital solar marketing options can help many more interested customers find a solar installation company— with little effort on the company’s part.


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