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Consider your overall retail strategy and store layout design prior to selecting your store location.If you have multiple floors, account for the preferences of first floor shoppers by using this space for the feature or high-margin merchandise in your retail mix.Use the navigation guide on the left to find a collection of essential retail floor plans and discover the pros and cons of each.

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Underhill is adamant that nothing of value to the retailer, not high-margin merchandise, prominent signage, or brand information goes inside this zone.

Customers need time, however brief, to adjust to new lighting, smells, the music, and the visual stimulation in the store.

Exceptions exist, such as downtown locations where real estate is at a premium or large department stores with multiple categories of merchandise.

Further, Ebster points out that retailers should consider customer perception if they are a luxury retailer, as shoppers often associate multi-level stores as “elite.” Conversely, if a discount retailer is planning store layouts, as customers associate single floor layouts with “less high-end” merchandise.

The first step to maximize your profitable retail space might be the most unavoidable, however the principle and knowledge behind the customer behavior is crucial for understanding your overall design strategy.

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Ebster’s research indicates that customers prefer to navigate the floor of a retail store they initially entered.

The next step moves beyond the transition zone and shifts the focus on how to leverage a customer’s tendency to navigate the retail environment.

The area just outside of the transition zone is where most retailers make a first impression.

Ebster encourages retailers to use their observations to discover the problems and opportunities unique to their environment.

The next step in maximizing your space for profitability is identifying your customer flow.


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