Sir Robert Peel Research Paper

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As a result of this, he was elected in June as MP for Oxford University on the resignation of Charles Abbot.

By 1818, Peel was exhausted from his work in Ireland which demanded not only that he conducted affairs in Dublin but also attended the House of Commons to answer parliamentary questions on Ireland.

However, the Bill failed in the Lords so Peel continued in post.

This action did mark him out as a supporter of Anglicanism, however, and made his dealings with Catholics more difficult in the future.

In May he introduced legislation for a return to the gold standard on .

In 1822 Peel accepted the position of Home Secretary in Liverpool's cabinet reshuffle; he began to look into the state of criminal law almost immediately.In March 1825, Sir Francis Burdett's Bill for Catholic Emancipation was introduced into the House of Commons.Despite Peel's opposition it went though the processes of law and Peel offered to resign, seeing his position as untenable.Peel refused to serve under Canning because of their diametrically opposing views on Catholic Emancipation.Seven other members of Liverpool's Cabinet — the Duke of Wellington, Westmorland, Bexley, Melville, Eldon and Bathurst — also resigned their posts, leaving Canning with a curtailed choice of ministers.In 1819 Peel became chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry into the return to the gold standard: the so-called currency, or bullion committee that included men such as Canning and Huskisson.Peel was convinced that the system of paper currency that had been introduced by Pitt in 1797 had resulted in a depreciated currency.Originally the Peels were Lancashire weavers and farmers but had moved into textile manufacture and made their fortune.Peel was educated at home until he was ten years old, by the Rev.From about 1822 until 1826 the domestic economy had seen an upturn but in 1826 a further trade depression and industrial slump resulted in widespread distress and discontent.As working hours were reduced and wages were cut by the manufacturers in efforts to save themselves from bankruptcy, unemployment increased causing a series of riots and a crime wave that swept the country.


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