Single Electron Transistor Thesis

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High performance devices are obtained through the use of low work function metal (zinc) contact and a rapid thermal annealing step.In the case of using single dot with 30 nm × 80 nm × 125 nm dimension, coulomb blockade effect could be reduced by applying gate voltage higher than 3V and setting drain resistance higher than source's.Our studies show an alternative approach in modeling and simulation of electronic devices and could be potential for development of novel nanoelectronic devices.For SET modeling and simulation, master equation method treats the electron tunneling and its transition probabilistically.The probability of electron tunneling is used to determine the current density in accordance with selected input parameters.We consider the noise performance of the DISET, and an intuitive definition of the DISET charge sensitivity suggests that under certain conditions, DISETs can have a better charge sensitivity than conventional SETS, which would be attractive for quantum limited measurements.Finally we present the first study of a DISET operated at radio-frequencies (rf-DISET), compatible with charge detection on mus timescales.With the prospect of present, transistor-based microelectronics facing serious limitations due to quantum effects and heat dissipation, alternative computing paradigms---such as quantum computers, quantum-dot cellular automata and single-electronics---have emerged, promising an extension of high-level integration and computing power beyond the above limitations.The most promising proposals are based on solid-state systems, and readout of a computational result often requires ultra-sensitive charge detectors capable of sensing the motion of single charges on fast timescales. D.)--University of New South Wales (Australia), 2005.; Publication Number: AAI3209752; ISBN: 9780542582158; Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-03, Section: B, page: 1489.; 216 p.This work investigates advanced single-electron transistor (SET) devices for detection of charge motion in solid-state systems.


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