Simple No Essay Scholarships

These no essay scholarships give you a chance to earn some much-needed cash for school without spending hours on one application.

There are several Niche scholarships students can apply for, but its monthly $1,000 scholarship requires nothing more than filling out a simple form with your basic information.

awards this scholarship at least six times per year for students who have proof that they’ve already applied to other scholarships.

You can upload proof of e-mail confirmations or forward them to

When you’re searching for easy scholarships, though, you should be careful to avoid scams.

Unfortunately, scammers prey on the people who need the money most, like college students.

Scholarships with no mention anywhere else are often scams.

You can also search through the database of Fastweb scholarships.

They may be “easy” regarding applying, but they each have a set of rules that you must follow to be eligible.

If you follow the instructions for eligibility and applying meticulously, you may be the next in line to win if the first chosen winner wasn’t eligible for lack of adherence to the rules.


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