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School can be tough on kids and teens as it is, without taking away one of the few areas where they can exert some control and express themselves, say opponents of school uniforms.Some uniforms may strike students and parents as sexist.

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Wearing what we want each day outweighs any of the positives to uniforms.

Besides, most schools that don’t have uniforms have dress codes, so we already have some guidelines about what to wear.

Even if you don’t have a personal connection to uniforms, you might be interested in the topic.

If you answered “yes” to either question, you probably have strong feelings about uniform requirements in schools.

For example, if a uniform requires girls to wear skirts and pants are not allowed, some students and parents may object, leading to conflict with the school administration.

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Not all girls want to wear skirts and some may resent being told to wear traditionally “feminine” garments.And if students are sent home for uniform violations, they will miss valuable learning time.Plus, policing student uniforms takes time and effort on the part of administrators.Often, uniforms are only available from a limited number of suppliers and the lack of competition (and captive market) keeps prices high.Or, a uniform will include pricier items like blazers and dress shoes, which some families might struggle to afford.Another argument made against uniforms is that they limit students’ self-expression.Teenagers in particular are famous for needing to express their emotions and their tastes in music, fashion and art through clothing, hair and piercings.Public school students are not required to wear uniforms, but in many religious and private schools, uniforms are required. Although the opinions by students vary because there are positive and negative aspects of uniforms, most students in our public school would not want a uniform requirement.Some positives about wearing a uniform in school are that you don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit or be bullied for your choice of clothes.We get to wear what we want, but it has to be appropriate for the dress code.Most dress codes include rules about shorts being finger-length (touch the tip of fingers with hands at your sides), and any tank straps have to be the width of two fingers.


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