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If you do decide to have your subjects sign a form, consult with your legal team first.Once your client or customer has agreed to participate, you should begin to format your introductory questionnaire.Here's an example of a case study Co Schedule created for Vega, a customer specializing in premium plant-based lifestyle products.

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Here are 25 case study questions to add to your interview.Client Case Study #3: Undifferentiated/Technical Work History Although “Sunil” could handle the quantitative and analytical rigor required by MBA programs, his professional experience was undifferentiated and highly technical.Our approach enabled him to diversify his candidacy, gain admission to three schools and land a five-figure merit-based scholarship!GMAT is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council.The Graduate Management Admission Council does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site.Given that this client’s undergraduate major and work experience were not quantitatively rigorous, it was a major concern.So, we created a strategy to enable her to compensate for her low GMAT score and land three admits to top b-schools.Client Case Study #6: Reapplicant in Need of Re-tooling Because of his high GPA, GMAT and strong professional experience, “Adam” did not understand how he could improve his candidacy. Client Case Study #7: Older Full-Time MBA Applicant Having worked for 8 years and in his mid 30s, “Luka’s” candidacy would have been perceived by adcoms as more appropriate for a part-time or EMBA program.Analyzing his prior applications and considering other elements of his candidacy — such as career goals and extracurricular activities — we determined why he was not offered admission and devised a focused strategy to strengthen his candidacy for the following year. In response, we devised a three-tiered strategy to help him develop a strong rationale for a full-time MBA program, and demonstrate his ability to contribute substantially and uniquely to the student community.Another potential step in the process is asking your case study subjects to sign a legal release form so you can use their information.You do not have to take this step in your case study creation process.


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