Service Quality In Banks Research Paper

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This is a critical area where private sector in particular, banks should focus on and thus, catches up the level of customer satisfaction.

In the survey report done 2009 by Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) showing the level of customer care in Rwanda, banking sector was ranked to 50% of the overall service perception compared to customer expectations.

The fear of competition is due to many factors among them includes the quality of its service.

So to focus our case study on five BPR branches in Kigali is not a random choice without reasons on support.

Service quality; Customer satisfaction; Bank Background of the study Nowadays, the incredible growth of the globalization and especially liberalization of banking services, are changing the way banks conduct business with customers who are increasingly expecting higher quality of services, becoming time saver and wanting more conveniences.

However, due to services intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity and perishability of production and consumption, service quality becomes hard to evaluate.Visit for more related articles at Journal of Business & Financial Affairs This study was set to determine the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in Banque Populaire du Rwanda, Kigali branches.It was based on both descriptive and cross-sectional survey designs.Along with them we can enumerate: (1) BPR system has been networked where identification of account’s owner can be viewed by any branch staff that has the right.The result is that customers can withdraw cash wherever there is BPR teller.A selfadministered questionnaire was used to collect primary data from 498 customers, using convenient sampling technique.Data were analyzed using SPSS’s frequencies and percentages, means, and Pearson’s Linear Correlation Coefficient.It went ahead to revealed that both the level of service quality and customer satisfaction was at mean ≈3 (high level).The findings from PLCC showed a significant and positive relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction while comparing dimension like customer loyalty with reliability, responsiveness and assurance.(2) Adverts and awareness mechanisms have been multiplied to disclose about new products and services introduced including ATM service.(3) The convenience issue has been minimized by increasing the number of outlets and sub-branches to facilitate customers to access their bank without problem of long distance; and working hours to continue serving customers within weekend and night hours.


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