Senior Thesis Umich

You may apply to more than one honors major program.

However, each major has separate requirements for completing their specific honors program.

The honors coordinator is available to answer general questions about the major and the honors thesis project.

The honors coordinator also handles senior major releases for psychology honors program students.

The research frequently helps guide students toward their next stage in life, be it graduate school or a career in teaching, industry, government or elsewhere.

Each student who completes an Honors Thesis is encouraged to apply to the William L.

Many research projects involve collaborations, on scales ranging from other University of Michigan programs, such as the Astronomy Department or the Medical School, to global research enterprises such as the Large Hadron Collider or the Dark Energy Survey.

In addition to extra course work, Honors students complete a senior research thesis under the mentorship of a UM Physics faculty member.

These consultants are available only in the Fall and Winter academic terms.

Statistics Consulting Calendar The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research also provides free consultations to enrolled students for up to one hour per week.


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