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The mathematical problems that quantum physicists sought to solve were poorly framed or understood, and this is why their solutions don’t yield definite answers.A Challenge to Two Centuries of Intellectual History The quarrel over biology comes down to something very simple; determinists hope to obtain the clearest possible picture of what is currently happening and what will happen next.

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A Predetermined Meeting of the Minds between Antiquity and Modernity Sam Harris has adamantly argued against the existence of free will.

Bohr asserted that we could not know the position and velocity of a sub-atomic particle simultaneously with any certainty. Today, most professional physicists believe that processes at the sub-atomic scale don’t always occur in a definite, linked sequence of cause and effect events.

The future cannot be precisely known or determined from the present.

Given the absurdity of such a mental process, Harris rejects the possibility of its existence.

This view is actually very close to the majority of philosophers and scientists who think about such things.


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