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When high-falutin people talk about sci-fi you’ll often hear them use words like to describe the…thing…at the heart of every sci-fi story that makes it sci-fi. But the film still has a novum…a couple go through a difficult divorce. There, I said it, novums are fucking insanely dull! A portal that leads to every possible world sounds really interesting! But if it’s actually going to BE interesting for your audience, the novum has to do something much more than just sit around being a cool idea.

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How hard do I have to argue to persuade you that a story that’s actually divorce proceedings, with long detailed speeches from lawyers, about the details of marriage contract law, will be quite boring?

Then why would a story about a portal that connects all world’s, with achingly long monologues by competent scientists on the details of multiverse physics, be any more interesting? And so it obsesses over novums, concepts, ideas, explanation and other intellectual modes.

By the end of this course, you should be able to: Writers of all levels, ages and backgrounds, whether you have just a germ of an idea or are an experienced writer looking to complete a final draft. Delivered through a variety of methods including: Writing implements/laptops and a binder or folder for additional weekly handouts.

You will receive a free reader crammed with craft essays and some of the best speculative literature of our time chose by J.

Damien Walter writes on scifi & fantasy for The Guardian, BBC, Wired, Oxford University Press, IO9, and elsewhere. All stories, not just sci-fi tales, contain something like a novum.

He’s a graduate of the Clarion scifi writers workshop, and teaches the Rhetoric of Story. The Oscar winning 1979 movie Kramer vs Kramer isn’t even slightly sci-fi.What is it about your story that is unreal and how do you make it realistic? How to make them distinctive, identifiable, memorable and use them to steer your readers’ emotions. • Story Elements: Language – Narrative, Description and Dialogue. BANK TRANSFER/LODGEMENT: if you don’t have a card to pay for the course, you can pay through bank transfer or bank lodgement. POST: We no longer accept cash, cheque or money order payments by post. We write about what isn’t or can’t be real, so we have to work harder to make readers believe.Spectrum: The London Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Group is a group of active writers in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other speculative fiction realms, who get together to critique each others work, share knowledge, and generally encourage one another.Members are serious about their writing, open to honest criticism, and willing to offer critical insight to their fellow writers.Who should attend: both aspiring and published authors are welcome.It is a great arena to workshop your story, find out what is working, what might not be, and to gain insight from members with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. What is expected of you: every meeting will have a work submitted by one or two members.This is a course about how to tell a story about something that isn’t real, and how to make that believable. Coming up with ideas, shaping them into a basic plan and setting goals. Your characters are defined by their environment, and they affect it in turn. • Story Elements: Establishing a Problem – the Key to a Plot. Find the emotional spikes, the peaks of excitement, the pivotal situations that will provoke different emotions. If you’d prefer to use another email address for the course correspondence or if you’re paying on behalf of another student, when you have processed the payment, please send the relevant email address and name for the course correspondence to [email protected]’s your core concept, what kind of world do your characters inhabit? Think ecology, with everything connected, affecting everything else. If your problem is something that doesn’t exist in the real world, how do you make it emotionally compelling? How to pitch, how publishers make decisions and what to expect from the process. Being deliberate about your scene-setting and storytelling technique. How it works and what to expect from your editor, designer and the production process. Once you have processed the payment, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm receipt.If the story is only about its novum, it’s going to bore the hell out of people. And that leads to stories that might be interesting, but are never compelling. If you find that interesting, or any other novum, it’s because something about it echoes within the vast caverns of your inner emotional being. What is it about a portal that connects all worlds that connects to your emotional inner world?The question is, what about the novum is triggering your emotions? Maybe it’s that a portal might give those who step into it the chance to be a different person, living a different life. Let it grow, and it might one day become a story to shiver your audience’s soul.


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