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They all require analysis of complex, subtle subject matter. Be sure that your analysis focuses on the most relevant features of the passage.

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You’re given two double-sided, lined pages to write on, so be sure you can include everything you want to say in that space, but don’t feel you need to fill up all the pages.

The student dashboard shows what lesson they are currently playing, how many words they have mastered, and the number of lessons finished.

Common Sense Media gives Mindsnacks SAT Vocabulary a 4/5 star rating, saying, "Variety is key in charmingly effective SAT vocab app." I agree.

With nine games, 25 lessons, and 500 words (in the full version), students want to learn despite the sophistication of words like .

A unique algorithm adapts to individual performance, selectively repeating material from the word lists that the student struggled with in past lessons.


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