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Price’s orders in which case overcoming shame as a form of resistance.

Rachel could have easily put the sweater on and sat in her seat and went on with the class to obey Mrs. However, the fact that she is so disgusted by the sweater that she cannot even stand to be near it is a true testament to her character and strength.

Rachel ultimately gives in to the threats of wearing the sweater but the important thing to note is she does not do it proudly.

In the following quote, Rachel states, Rachel does not have any say, Mrs.

Consequently, this causes a whirl wind of emotions for Rachel because she is upset about this ugly sweater she is being accused of owning and that no one is treating her how she deserves to be treated. The author could have easily just said it was an old beat up sweater, but then the reader would not sympathize with Rachel.

To Rachel, the sweater represents something she is not.

That it is wisdom that truly makes a person powerful. Rachel illustrates overcoming shame as a form of resistance by not obeying Mrs.

Price’s demands when told to put on the sweater the first few times.

Price ultimately abuses her authority over the children by forcing Rachel into wearing a sweater that does not belong to her. Price illustrates her sense of power when she forces Rachel to wear the sweater, It was wrong of Mrs. Price could have asked the class who the sweater belonged to, and then addressed who she believed the owner was after class. Price to go along with the other students when she is supposed to be setting an example. Price is not acting her age because at her age she should know better than to jump on the bandwagon and go along with everyone else. This power hierarchy nonetheless affects Rachel by empowering her to think wise beyond her years in realizing age is just a number, however it also enables her to realize that she can be wiser than all of her peers and Mrs. Rachel will not let the shame of the sweater defeat her.

Price to accuse her of owning the sweater but she could have asked a lot nicer. She will not let anyone feel as though they have the upper hand over her.


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