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Or perhaps, you want to create it simply for yourself and never show it to anyone.Regardless of the reason, after reading this article you will hopefully become better at it.

But the habit of introspective writing and journaling helps you get in touch with your inner self, and even improve your mental health. It lets you search for meaning in your life, and lets you discover the underlying causes of your actions.

I used to live on a sunny farm with my parents and grandparents when I was young.

You’re more than welcome to use a wide range of advanced vocabulary.

In this part, you set the tone for your reflection.

And just in case you need to write a GRE or a college admission essay, you can get it graded and reviewed before submitting by a company like the Princeton Review.

They helped a lot of students over the years so you may check them out.

Here, you sum up your essay and leave your audience with a final thought. You may also look backward and see how different you were in the past, compared to now.

You may want to look ahead into the future, and write how your experiences are going to affect your life from now on. As with most writing assignments, the work begins with ideation and then creating some sort of outline.

Talk about things and feelings unique to you and your life.

It’s easy to regurgitate what someone else had said before because it’s safe territory.


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