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IELTS Essay Topic: Some say you should always marry for love; others say that in an uncertain world it is wiser to marry for money.Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.Both points of view are discussed (in paragraphs 2 and 3) and the writer’s personal opinion is offered (in the introduction, paragraph 4 and the conclusion). The paragraph on money is not very well developed and not entirely clear. Coherence and Cohesion Analysis: Most linking expressions are appropriate but two are not (see asterisk *).

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The topic of each essay appears when you hold the mouse over the link.

Every essay is checked, marked, has comments and suggestions. The teacher’s summary is at the bottom of each essay. Grammatical Range and Accuracy Many test takers are unsure what is wrong with their essay, why they keep scoring Band 6.5 and how to take their writing to Band 8 level. Keep reading then, because we are just about to analyse a Band 6.5 essay and show you what to change in it, to get a Band 8 score in IELTS.

Lexical Resource Analysis: The use of vocabulary seems quite reasonable but attempts to use a wider range are not always successful (see corrections above). Approximate score for Lexical Resource: Band 6 or 6.5.

The same IELTS Sample Essay – Nowadays, money is one of the most significant materials in our lives.

Therefore, love and money should stand together in marriage even though their contribution could be unbalanced.

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As we have seen, marriage without either money or love would come to an unhappy ending. Grammatical Range and Accuracy Analysis: Although the essay is quite easy to follow, it has too many grammatical errors in too many sentences to merit a 7 score (see corrections highlighted above).

So, they can share each other’s sadness, happiness to overcome any difficulties in their daily lives.

Moreover, love makes people grow up because they do not only have responsibility to themselves, but also to their partners as well.

The essay is well structured – each paragraph announces its topic clearly [TS] and the introduction announces the opinion of the writer.

Sometimes the ideas are not entirely clear inside the paragraphs (see NC). Approximate score for Coherence and Cohesion: Band 7.3.


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