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If one line out of a 10-page paper if plagiarized the percentage will be low; however, in both cases it is still plagiarized.The text on the left is from the student’s paper and the text on the right is from another student’s paper that is in the Safe Assign database.All papers run through Safe Assign should be reviewed by the instructor because the percentages can be misleading.

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Most reports will contain some percentage match and it it up to the instructor’s discretion to determine whether sources are properly matched by Safe Assign or were cited correctly by the student.

Scores listed with a 20% match or less generally include common phrasing or sentence structure. Score between 20% and 50% may contain larger sections of properly cited texts and quotes.

Once a paper has been submitted and processed by Safe Assign, an originality report will be available to view in the Grade Center.

The report will include a percentage of the paper’s text that is suspected to match another source.

Safe Assign is a plagiarism prevention service, offered by Blackboard to its Blackboard Learning System, Enterprise, Vista Enterprise, and CE Enterprise License clients.

This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.Student submissions and the Safe Assign report associated with submissions are viewable by accessing the Safe Assignment using the View/Complete link after submitting their paper. Note: the Safe Assign Report (the SA Report) associated with submissions are only available if allowed by the instructor. Suspected Sources: this section lists the sources that have text that matches the text of the submitted paper. This section lists URLs or web links for all sources found to match your document. The third option will exclude the submission from being added to Safe Assign’s paper repository.You may want check this option when you would like students to check for accidental plagiarism as well as submit rough drafts of their work.If possible, it will also include a link to the suspected sources.The second option will allow students to see the Safe Assign report after submission.Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: Know how to use Safe Assign. This is an example of a View Safe Assignment page, where Safe Assign has been integrated into the Assignment. How to view a student's SA report (from the student's view). It is up to the instructor to determine if a student actually plagiarized.If you do not want to integrate Safe Assign with an assignment or you have a special case where plagiarism needs to be checked, instructors can use the Direct Submit option.


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