Role Of Mother In Our Life Essay

Role Of Mother In Our Life Essay-14
She understands my needs before I can even think of them. My mother has been an extraordinary influence on my life and always will be.

Many of us have role models in our lives and to most people role models are athletes and movie stars, but to me a role model is much more.

To me a role model is a person who has positively influenced someone in life, and is not a person filled with selfishness and greed.

To begin with, I would like to describe my mom’s ambition.

She wakes up every morning with the positive attitude, and a smile on her face.

She taught me to always love, care, and give back to the people I am I learned so many facts about many different places and the history stored in those places.

One summer, while we still lived in Brooklyn, New York, my family and I headed up north to Canada.

My mother is always there for me and I would do anything for her.

We read about them, watch them and admire them in the virtual world - but I live with a superhuman. I am Diksha Dinde, a 23-year-old student and activist from India.

The first year in the United States was tough for us because we did not know English, however, we all worked hard and today we speak English fairly well.

Since we moved from Ukraine, my mom has worked really hard to give my sister and I the lifestyle we have. ...mportant person in my life and I know that she will be always there for me with help, her love, and her care.


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