Riverdance Essay

each piece is subordinated to the choreographic plan as, in fact, is the music composed by Bill Wheland, Donald Lunny, Ronald Hardiman and others.

Of course, the Russian composer could show a much higher compositional complexity, but this is not the point.

The player can control the skin tension, and therefore the tuning, by inserting the left hand behind the skin.

As it is with any other instrument, there are several ways to play it. To a novice listener Celtic music might sound like a very long ostinato (frequently in D), whereas it is actually made of repeated modules.

In a long-shot video recording it is barely possible to single each one out by her hair color.

The result is a provoking, but elusive elegance that is also radiant and cheerful.

Since Irish dance isbased mostly on variation of a rhythmic pattern, melodic variations played by the are much less important to dance; yet, they have the function of introducing new musical sections.

Male and female dancers may just mark the first beat in the slow sections or drop the speed when an acceleration follows.

Sometimes the percussionists (varying from one to four) compete with the rhythmic figurations played by the main dancer (or vice versa)..

It comes in different sizes, with a diameter ranging between 25 and 65 centimeters.


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