Rip Van Winkle Thesis

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He places the setting sixty years before his time immediately making it in the past.

Also, the story has time that passes by causing the reader to infer something dramatically has changed within that time.

His one companion in the household is his dog Wolf, who for no good reason is just as badly treated by the petticoat tyrant Dame Van Winkle.

On one trip to the woods, Van Winkle wanders to one of the highest points in the Catskills.

His single flaw is an utter inability to do any work that could turn a profit.

It is not because he is lazy—in fact, he is perfectly willing to spend all day helping someone else with their labor.With this, fiction and non-fiction come together helping to construct a myth.When composing all these characteristics, it creates an American mythology.In a selection, an author uses certain characteristics to depict the outcome of a story.In Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle,” Irving incorporates exaggerated characters, magical events and their consequences, and places the setting in past times to create an American mythology.He is just incapable of doing anything to help his own household.He also is well-known for being an obedient, henpecked husband, for Dame Van Winkle has no problem shouting insults into the neighborhood and tracking him down in the village to berate him.Rip lived there while America was still a colony of Great Britain.Rip Van Winkle is descended from gallant soldiers but is a peaceful man himself, known for being a kind and gentle neighbor.Magical events and their consequences also interpret the feeling of an American mythology.Irving uses this characteristic when Rip suddenly comes across a strange place with strange items which he consumes.


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