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Although replacing MPLS with Internet access seemed less feasible in the past, the cost of business – or even consumer-grade services is hard for for business decision-makers to overlook.“MPLS WANs tend to be considerably more expensive than Internet circuits,” noted network engineer Jeremy Stretch.

“A dedicated 3 Mbps MPLS circuit might cost three or four times as much as a 50 Mbps business class broadband Internet circuit.”In fact, research shows companies are more often upgrading their networks to include more than just MPLS links.

The company previously used a single MPLS T1 line for each office location as its primary WAN link, as well as DSL lines for backup.

However, when the MPLS link went down, the time it took to switch to the backup DSL line hampered ongoing business processes.In the past, MPLS was the go-to technology for computing and communication. The majority of businesses adopted it from the beginning.In some cases, these companies are still using the MPLS connections they put in place decades ago, and now, they’re looking for alternatives that can offer better performance in a more cost-efficient manner.As Hydrite was paying for access to these DLS lines 100 percent of the time, this was the best way to enhance the performance of the network without incurring unnecessary costs.“We have a more flexible, and more resilient, network architecture than we did before using Talari,” said Bob Fourness, Hydrite Chemical Co’s computer operations manager.“It has allowed us to make our network more robust and less costly than our preious network design.”This is just one example of how Internet can be used in place of or in conjunction with MPLS, providing a real-world case of how MPLS will be like in 2020.So let’s take a look at where MPLS stands now, and where it might go in the next five years.Today’s MPLS market According to a 2014 report from Infonetics Research, the Ethernet and MPLS market has been growing over the past few years, largely due to the continuing adoption and use of cloud services.As a result, Hydrite called on Talari’s SD-WAN solution.With this technology in place, the company is able to use their available DLS lines in an active manner as opposed to utilizing them solely for backup.As more businesses turn to MPLS alternatives like this, they will find improved network reliability and responsiveness.While MPLS isn’t going to disappear, it will be supplemented with more robust links like Ethernet and Internet as part of a hybrid WAN solution.


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