Research Paper On Transportation Problem

Research Paper On Transportation Problem-55
Hence, this shows that the optimal value is not more than the IBFS and in Example , the Py FN transportation cost of IBFS is 0.132978 which is the same as the optimum transportation cost of Py FN transportation problem.

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In section before conclusion, a few numerical examples are given to reveal the effectiveness of the proposed model.

Finally, some conclusions are provided in the last section.” destinations.

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This paper introduces a simplified presentation of a new computing procedure for solving the fuzzy Pythagorean transportation problem.

The following section includes the existing method under crisp and fuzzy transportation problems.

In the next following section, the proposed method for solving the transportation problem is discussed.However, in most of the cases, the data to be handled are uncertain, imprecise and inconsistence, the obtained results are not consistent, and, therefore, uncertainty theory came into existence.During the last few decades, the topic of fuzzy optimization has achieved substantial popularity among researchers because of its widespread applications in different branches of network flow problem [Transportation problems play a significant role in many real-life applications.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.There are various methods in the field of PFS to solve multi-criteria decision-making problems such as: extension of TOPSIS [ charts some significant influences towards transportation problem (TP).Based on the previous discussions on TP and currently available data, there are no existing methods which are available for TP under Pythagorean fuzzy environment.However, these values are generally imprecise or vague. However, the fuzzy set takes only a membership function.Consequently, various attempts have been made by researchers for different types of transportation problems in the fuzzy environment. Here, the degree of the non-membership function is just a compliment of the degree of the membership function.We present a modification of three existing methods for finding a basic feasible solution for capacitated transportation problem‎.‎To obtain an optimal solution, ‎the simplex algorithm for bounded variables is applied‎.


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