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For this example, tap NO THANK YOU, and then tap Done Once your devices are successfully paired, you don't even have to open the Samsung Flow app on your phone to use it.Open Samsung Flow on your PC or tablet and use your phone to authenticate your saved biometrics.All other brands, products and services, and their respective trademarks, names and logos, are the property of their respective owners.

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Therefore, this study focused on to investigate the effects of reading comprehension across paper, tablets, and computers.

Moreover, the user familiarity was regarded as a potential issue to affect the reading on digital devices.

To set a screen lock, navigate to Settings Screen lock type, and select a screen lock type. While you don't need to use a biometric security measure as your screen lock, you will need to save your biometrics within Samsung Flow to begin pairing your phone to your PC.

Your biometrics act as the security measure when using Samsung Flow on your phone and PC or tablet. SAMSUNG is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

The result showed that the high level of tablet familiarity group performed significantly better than low level group on deep level comprehension.

For this result, it could conclude that if providing students enough and appropriate training, they could have higher familiarity with tablets and then gain better reading comprehension using tablets.Accordingly, this study took into account to figure out the effects and impacts of the user familiarity on reading comprehension while reading on tablets.Two question types of reading comprehension, multiple choice questions as the shallow level comprehension and summarization as deep level comprehension, were considered to test the reading comprehension.With the widespread use of the digital devices (computers, tablet computers, and handheld devices) in our daily life, there is an ongoing transition of reading from paperbound to screen-based.Especially, digital natives prefer to read via digital devices rather than paper.This will be the main way you verify your identity when pairing your phone to your PC or tablet.After you complete registration on both devices, you can use the biometric sign-in option to use all the features in Samsung Flow.Tablet computers, with great portability, usability, and interactivity, have become a popular mobile device for learning and reading.However, there were few studies to explore the effects on reading using tablet computers, and the difference between computer-based reading and paper-based reading is still not clear.A passcode will appear on both devices - confirm the passcodes match.If you want, you can tap OK to confirm unlocking your Windows device with Samsung Flow, and then enter your Windows Security PIN.


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