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Besides, when the outcome of the coaching conversations suggests that the employee will not be able to be their best self in the organization, the lead might have to coach the employee to move on.Every leader can be coached to become more coaching-like and use the leadership coaching style.

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Furthermore, the leaders an organization chooses to impacts business results.

Goleman (2000) emphasized that managers often undermine the organizational climate influence on financial results.

Leadership is a practical set of skills and traits that enable an individual or an organization to guide other individuals, teams or the entire organization to reach a specific goal and purpose.

This includes personal characteristics, situational interaction, vision, values, behaviours, and style.

In comparison to a coach, the coaching leader should have a vision for the employee and will often have to combine their coaching with consulting or mentoring.

A good coaching leader has his employees perform their work independently but still makes them feel supported and involved in their work.

A leader can be anyone in the organization, regardless of their particular role in the organizational structure.

A leadership style is the leader’s method of enabling people to move in a particular direction or develop a specific skill or knowledge.

Go back to the “Conditions for effective use of Coaching Leadership Style” chapter and explore with your leader their current…3.

Agree on a baseline – a Certain level of the above starting points must exist for the leader to start practicing coaching conversations with their employees.


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