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The effect of World War II on Japan were catastrophic on one level.(c) If it turns out that your first effort on the prospectus fell short of the mark, you are strongly encouraged to keep revising your prospectus.There is no limit on the number of times you can resubmit it; our goal is to make sure that you end up with a workable focus and structure for your argument.There are two purposes in assigning a paper: first, to lead you to a deeper understanding in your own mind of some particular episode (i.e., some event, conflict, or problem) in world history; and second, to develop skills in expressing that understanding, through your own words, in a succinct, lucid, and persuasive essay.Generally, the most successful papers deal with an explicitly-defined subject and try to resolve some apparent contradiction (or, show how some real-life contradiction was not resolved), rather than attempting a comprehensive narrative history (such as "Buddhism in Japan" or "Reunification in the 16th Century").(4) The completed paper should follow the guidelines for footnoting, formats, and other technical matters contained in a separate hand-out called "Stylesheet for Term Papers." Your instructor/s is/are available for consultation, guidance, explication, and encouragement whenever you need it.In particular, although you are not required to get your subject pre-approved before turning in your Statement of Topic, you may want to get some preliminary feed-back on the feasibility of your chosen focus.Additionally, the fire bombings and atomic bombings of major urban areas left the country with an inadequate stock of housing and a devastated infrastructure.The loss of the war, however, spelled the end of the domination of the government by right-wing military extremists. Latourette states, “The Americans in charge of the occupation came without vindictiveness and with an honest desire to rehabilitate Japan…(140).” The Americans successfully strove to lay the groundwork for democratic government and in time such a government was established.Also, note well the section on "due dates" in the Class Protocols.(2) Statement of Topic: This should give a tentative title for your paper and a few lines describing the problem you want to investigate, and then a list of your preliminary bibliography (in proper format).


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