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Therefore we must be cautious at the time of evaluating our sources of information, as nowadays there is a considerable amount of documentation related to consumer neuroscience - however, not all of it is precise or true.The human being is complex and so are the interpretation of the physiological reactions of the nervous system, and the general understanding of the brain.

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Neuromarketing has sparked great interest from brands and researchers, and also from everybody interested in marketing and consumer behavior.

However, it can be sometimes difficult to find high quality sources of information to consult.

This scientific journal still publishes papers on experimental psychology, including social and developmental processes, neuroscience techniques, and computational neuroscience.

Journal of Marketing Research “Journal of Marketing Research” is focused on market investigation and marketing.

Neuromarketing was born as a tool to help us, through the use of techniques such as EEG and eye-trackers, help the physiological reactions that are directly connected to different emotional, cognitive and behavioral processes.

Therefore, brands can understand how emotions, cognitive biases, and other non-conscious processes influence the decision-making process, and have a general idea of how the brain acts in the purchase process.After 1975, it was separated into three sections that are separately edited and distributed.One of these sections is “Journal of Experimental Psychology: General”.For decades, market research techniques have helped gather information on consumer behavior and how they think and verbalize.Nevertheless, this information has become insufficient, as many times the consumers do not desire or cannot express what they feel and think.This journal encompasses very diverse subjects related to, for example, natural sciences, medical investigation, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.Journal of Consumer Research Founded in 1974, the “Journal of Consumer Research” is a bimonthly academic journal that covers research that describes and addresses multiple aspects of consumer behavior, including psychology, marketing sociology, economics, commerce, anthropology, business, communications, arts, and humanities.Usually, neuromarketing courses or masters train you to consult scientific studies, but for those who haven’t taken a master course in the area or those who wish to refresh the training received, we present next some tips to search for papers, and list prestigious journals where you can find high quality papers.When searching for sources of scientific information, it is important to follow some guidelines to identify the importance and quality of these journals: Although there are several sources to consult, in this post we propose seven journals where you can find scientific neuromarketing papers, studies on consumer neuroscience, general neuroscience, and marketing applied to the consumer.Just because a book, paper, video or neuromarketing blog is published or online, does not make it 100% reliable.And even if it is, we must be careful at the time of generalizing conclusions from a specific study to other applications (i.e., not expect the same results).


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