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This rebirth was hinted to the reader as Carlton meets a seamstress who Dickens gives characteristics as a person Carlton would eventually fall in love if they both were not to be killed.For a majority of the novel Carlton had been looking for a wife or someone to affectionately spend his life with.

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If my career were of that better kind and that there was any opportunity of capacity of sacrifice in it, I would embrace any sacrifice for you and those dear to you.

The reader can clearly tell in this passage that Carton is beginning to go through a resurrection.

In the novel there are several people that would be resurrected. When Lucie and Darnay went on their honeymoon after being married, Dr. Pross kept this reversion secret from Lucie and later had to bury his cobbling tools so there would be no further chance to relapse.

The first character that would be resurrected would be Dr. Manette relapsed for the second time and began cobbling again. The other person who was able to experience resurrection was Charles Darnay.

The theme of resurrection is one that can tie most characters in the novel together. Manette, Darnay, and Carlton were all resurrected in some way.

Through resurrection, they were able to experience rebirth and able to be "recalled to life"�.

Manette a long time ago, against Darnay that caused the jury to sentence Darnay to death by the guillotine.

Even when convicted to death, Darnay was able to escape his execution.

In the end, they were released from their state of Death and eventually from their own isolation.

English: A photograph of an engraving in The Writings of Charles Dickens volume 20, A Tale of Two Cities, titled The Accomplices. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567791085" Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities.


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