Rereading America Cultural Contexts For Critical Thinking And Writing

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It seems that she cannot bear these rules anymore and begin shouting in the following article.

She demonstrates her strong attitude of her annoyance and discontentment.

The author argues the injustice between men and women and shows her willingness to live like men in the freedom.

Both the poem and the essay use a lot of strategies in common to present their perspective towards gender such as they both use a narrative mode and they both can give us a feeling that we are at a rapid pace, what’s more, both authors are good at using comparison method in their work.

Books When citing books, arrange the information as follows: Author's last name, first name. A Handbook of Korea, for example, is alphabetized under "H.") .

(If the author of a government publication is known, you have two options. American dreams: Land of freedom and opportunity"A Bedford book."Includes bibliographical references and index American dreams: Land of freedom and opportunity. Jean De Crèvecoeur; Let America be America again / Langston Hughes -- The frontier. Valdez; Three thousand dollar death song / Wendy Rose; Lynching at the curve / Ida B.The declaration of independence / Thomas Jefferson; What is an American? The significance of the frontier in American history / Frederick Jackson Turner; Cowboy / Jane Kramer; Dear John Wayne / Louise Erdrich -- Individualism and success. Wells; Mary Tsukamoto / John Tateishi; We, the dangerous / Janice Mirikitani One nation or many?Works cited lists appear at the end of a scholarly work but are begun on a new page. (Page numbers continue from the text.) The title, "Works Cited," is centered and placed one inch from the top of the page. Gender, status, and feeling / Arlie Russell Hochschild; From The hidden injuries of class / Richard Sennett and Jonathan Cobb; Jane Ellen Wilson / Jake Ryan and Charles Sackrey Television and the consumption of images: The power of television.What's left after violence and advertising / Maurine Doerken; Artificial unusualness/ Jerry Mander; Television man / David Byrne; Homesick in Los Angeles / Laurence Goldstein -- Consumerism and TV culture.Influence of democracy on the family / Alexis de Tocqueville; The paradox of perfection / Arlene Skolnick; From Half the way home: A memoir of father and son / Adam Hochschild; From The hurried child / David Elkind; The kid's guide to divorce / Lorrie Moore -- Alternative family structures. White; The beginning / Shirley Ann Grau; Friends as family / Karen Lindsey; The gay family / Richard Goldstein Grading American education: The hidden curriculum.What high school is / Theodore Sizer; Life in school / Matt Groening; Golden rule days: American schoolrooms / Jules Henry; Keeping track / Jeannie Oakes -- Challenging the traditional classroom.Citations begin at the left margin; if a citation is more than one line long, its succeeding lines are indented five spaces. The entire list is double-spaced, both within and between citations. An article in a reference book (If the article is signed, cite the author first. If the encyclopedia or dictionary alphabetizes its entries, you do not need to cite volume or page numbers. Government Publications If the author of the publication is unknown, order your bibliographic information as follows, omitting what does not apply: Name of government.


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