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With art, new techniques grew in paintings, sculptures, and architecture.

Renaissance Renaissance is a French word meaning “rebirth”.

The Renaissance originated in Italy during the mid-14th century and spanned through the 17th century.

These Italian writers had notable works that spread throughout Europe, ultimately spreading some of the Renaissance style.

With the creation of the movable type printing press in the asses Oneness Gutenberg), there was significant encouragement for literacy and the spread of the Renaissance ideas.

This means families like the Medici family were powerful because of their wealth and history.

Patriarch was an Italian writer, also known as the Father of Humanism, during the Renaissance who admired Greek and Roman style.

The Middle Ages can also be recognized as an Age of Faith.

With the great power of the papacy and Catholic Church, one cannot simply deny that this was a church- dominated period of time.

David y Michelangelo, was a sculpture of the Biblical hero, created between 15.

The reason this sculpture is so magnificent is that it was built like a Greek god with such fine technique and the beauty of naturalism.


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