Remedial Coursework

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In the meantime, we’ll need to monitor how the remediation trend unfolds in the years to come.

The falling remediation rates at least indicate that the state is moving in the right direction. She is currently a sophomore at the Ohio State University, studying public affairs and political science with a specialization in education policy.

Still, this preference does not change the number of students in need of remediation as determined by their ACT score.

Ohio’s declining need for remedial education is good news, though there’s still a ways to go before all students matriculating to college are truly ready for it.

Now students can predict from their ACT subject scores whether they’ll be able to directly enroll in credit-bearing courses.

Many states and colleges opt to enroll all students in credit-bearing coursework with increased support instead of offering remedial courses.College may not be for all, but it is the chosen path of nearly fifty thousand Ohio high school grads.Unfortunately, almost one-third of Ohio’s college goers are unprepared for the academic rigor of post-secondary coursework.Despite all the travails, the new learning standards might be giving Ohio’s young people a modest boost when it comes to readiness. Or maybe the credit goes to the implementation of Ohio’s “remediation-free” standards in 2013.Ohio’s standards (for public colleges and universities) detail the competencies and ACT/SAT scores each student must achieve in order to enroll in credit-bearing courses.Maybe this policy is working as intended—encouraging students to improve their reading and math skills before they reach campus.Further, it is worth considering whether Ohio’s remediation rate decline is being driven by the incentives its colleges and universities face.It’s not entirely clear what is driving this trend—whether it’s enrollment patterns, policy implementation, a bit of both, or other explanations that we didn’t consider.Certainly more research and analysis on this topic is needed to determine causation.While far too many college-bound students in Ohio aren’t ready for college upon matriculating, the Buckeye State has made some progress in recent years.Back in 2012, 40 percent of entering college students required remedial coursework, raising concerns of an Ohio college remediation rate crisis.


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