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When we look backwards into the time before there was a state we experience a sense of satisfaction with the political community of which we are part.The ancient Egyptian and Roman, the citizen of the Catholic mediæval world, probably felt much the same way.Since the roots of regionalism lie in linguistic, ethnic, economic and cultural identities of the people living in specific geographical area, political scholars have treated various forms of regionalism which include economic regionalism, linguistic regionalism, political regionalism and even sub-regional movements in the general frame of regionalism.

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To say, every region is quite different from one another, will not be an exaggeration.

In Indian context, regionalism refers to assertion of distinct ethnic, linguistic or economic interests by various groups within the nation.

In Europe the tribal organization, though in many ways weak, was dominant.

It might be West Saxon, Lombardic or Visigothic; it might be mobile or fixed.

These feelings of frustration and anger resulting from exclusion and neglect find expression in regionalism.

Prejudices and biases have a lasting impact on the mind of the people.

Interestingly enough, regionalism in India, has flourished in close identification with the regions.

In the post-independence period, it has often been conflicting as well as collaborating force, largely depending on the manner of accommodation.

Regionalism in India is deeply rooted in its manifold diversity of languages, cultures, tribes, religions, communities, etc.

It originates from the feeling of regional concentration, which is often fuelled by a sense of regional deprivation.


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