Reflective Essays On Work Experience

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As a mature student with experience of an access course I felt I had developed self-discipline, which is important for effective learning.

Throughout this course I have gradually developed strength and confidence in all the transferable skills, such as communication, effective learning, and teamwork and information technology.

I experienced some nervousness because I find it difficult to face an audience and deliver a speech but with the help of the tutor’s feedback I am beginning to work on my fears and confidence by becoming involved in group discussion.

My IT skills have improved quite considerably since the beginning of this module.

Fortunately the organization that I had picked was of great interest to me as British heart foundation was an organization that dealt and helped people from all walks of life.

The fact that this topic was of interest to me made it much easier for me to discuss and write about it with passion, and I could really express how I felt about the issues involved.

I now understand that academic articles are peer reviewed before being published in reputable journals.

Assessment feedback is an important part of learning.

It gives the student an awareness of what they can do and what needs to be improved, in both written and practical work Whilst evaluating my feedback sheet on the role and function of health related organization, Module IPH1625, I felt that the mark received was above my expectations which left me feeling positive and motivated to continue the good steady progress.

I found the research section of the essay quite challenging and spent many hours preparing my essay.


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