Reflective Essay On The Life Of Olaudah Equiano

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Although they lived in different times, their narratives about their life in slavery and freedom have common interests.Many people were surprised by his account and the imagery and description of his literal style.Making him an influential writer was the publication of his autobiography as a slave, thus fuelling the anti-slavery in Britain.The assimilation of the system and the prejudice that was overcome by the black people to the society can be noted in their work.The tittles in their work was authenticated by the use of while skeptics’ was held toward former slaves ability by the white audience, with some suggesting the inclusion of the plantation languages to maintain credibility to the audience.This led to Douglass buying a book that enlightened him and inspired his oratorical skills.Douglass no more did he endured abuse as he resulted to defend himself and this earned him respect as he was no longer punished.Olaudah Equiano was also a prominent African that fought toward the abolition of the slave trade with the British.Despite his enslavement, he had earned his freedom and did work as an author; he wrote his autobiography that depicted the horrors of the slave trade this helped the law makers to abolish the slave trade.He was the most famous as he was the first fugitive to declare out publicly against slavery.He is describing his life in bondage with power, as he is asking his audience whether it has been listening to thing, a piece of property or to a man.


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