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Share Point engaged users, who disliked working within the rigid structure of an EDRMS, by allowing them to create content and collaborate at a team level.However, the records management capability in Share Point 2007 was negligible.Many organisations which had implemented EDRM continued to maintain separate applications to manage business processes which could not be easily integrated.

Share Point engaged users, who disliked working within the rigid structure of an EDRMS, by allowing them to create content and collaborate at a team level.

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Increasingly organisations are seeking a framework of software that can support all their needs for content, document, records management and collaboration.

Suppliers have responded by developing integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

ERM systems have evolved over the last two decades.

Early Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems, which were developed to manage the increasing use of electronic documents in office environments, included little records management functionality.

EDRM Suites can usually integrate with collaboration and WCM software, including Share Point.

ECM Framework - suppliers offering an ECM Framework integrating a wider range of software to embrace document, content, records, web content and knowledge management, collaboration tools and BPM tools.Mo Req2010 also recognises that in many organisations records are rarely managed within one system.Whereas Mo Req2 sought to specify an ERMS in which all of an organisation's records could be managed, Mo Req2010 instead defines a common set of core services that are shared by different types of records systems and describes the minimum functionality required of a compliant system.The TNA requirements were revised in 2002 to include a metadata standard, but TNA withdrew their associated testing regime for software in 2005 to make way for an updated version of Mo Req, which was published as Mo Req2 in 2008.Compliance testing for Mo Req2 was launched the same year, but to date only one supplier has submitted a system for testing.Mo Req2010 is modular in approach and will be extended with further modules on specific record formats.The Mo Req Governance Board also intends to introduce a testing and certification programme for suppliers.In the interim the momentum created by Modernising Government and Fo I subsided and a global recession took hold.These factors, along with the release and take up of Microsoft's Share Point software for Web Content Management (WCM) and EDM, now created a downturn in demand for EDRM systems.An ERM system should be able to capture records created by an organisation's business systems and applications.The system should capture a record, along with any associated metadata, and categorise it within a classification scheme.


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