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During our session, he identified “getting into shape” as important to him and set up a specific action plan that included going to the gym he belonged to, two times during the week, for approximately 30 minutes.Upon returning the following week and checking in on how it went, he stated he did not go.And one area where most therapists agree is that a client’s level of motivation is one of the greatest predictors of whether treatment will be successful.

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Therapists emphasize that most of the work in getting better happens between sessions.

It reminds them of the drudgery of assignments they had to do at home when they were at school. “Homework” is now called the “Action Plan.” We like the label “Action Plan.” It conveys a sense of proactivity, of taking control. They are very carefully created, in a collaborative fashion.

When asked what got in his way, he stated he did not know.

He was asked to go back to an earlier time in the week, imagine himself about to go to the gym, and to notice the thoughts that were going through his mind.

Using imagery, he was able to identify his interfering thoughts.

Next, we used Socratic questioning, summarizing his conclusions in a two-column thought record. A considerable body of evidence shows that clients who do homework have better outcomes than clients who do not. A session-to-session examination of homework engagement in cognitive therapy for depression: Do patients experience immediate benefits?

You believe that when you think you act as a response of that thought, or either your thought generates your emotional reaction.

Most of us believe that these their components (emotions, behaviors, and thinking) do not go in response to any event.

It doesn’t get enough popularity but Ellis rules out over the period of practice that in psychoanalysis the therapist develop a contact of the person with his unconscious, try to resolve it by giving insight with his problems.

However, most of the clients come up with the belief they get to know what they were but not what to do to change and it’s not deep and lasting personal change.


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