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This may be a very well-respected and reputable center.

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This quote is taken from an eating disorder recovery center’s website.

I’m not saying that the source isn’t accurate or credible.

When is it Appropriate to use Long Quotations in Your Essay? However, there are times when your essay has more impact with a longer quotation.

If you have decided to use a long quotation, consider paraphrasing, as it usually works better. Instead of the paraphrase, if you use a direct quotation, you will avoid misrepresentation.

Quotation marks are required at the beginning and at the end of the extract. Having followed all the standards and punctuation, you must ask the critical question: "Do readers understand the quotation and its relevance to my essay?

However, if your quotation is more than three lines of poetry, I would suggest that you treat it like you would have treated a long quotation from prose. Now that you know what you absolutely should not do when quoting, you need to know what you should do.Ready to learn how to put a quote in your essay like a pro?As you can see, the decision of using a long quotation is not trivial. Punctuating Long Quotes: Long quotations should be set off as block quotations.Formatting block quotations should be as per the guidelines that you might have been provided.If your quotation has more punch than your essay, then something is seriously wrong.Your essay should be able to stand on its own legs; the quotation should merely make this Using too many quotations is like having several people shouting hoarse on your behalf. Refrain from overcrowding your essay with words of wisdom from famous people.If you want to make an impact on your reader, you can draw on the potential of quotations.The effective use of quotations augments the power of your arguments and makes your essays more interesting.In other cases, you might need to provide a complete analysis of the quotation.In this case, it is best to state the quotation and follow it with the analysis, rather than the other way around Quoting poetry: Quoting a verse from a poem can add a lot of charm to your essay.


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