Puzzle Piece Mystery Book Report Project

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Very common in arc-based mystery or espionage series, where what's going on is to be mysterious.By its nature uses several Driving Questions right at the outset. Can often become a Kudzu Plot if the pieces of the puzzle don't quite fit together."The thing is, Homestuck is both a story and a puzzle, by design and by definition.

Very common in arc-based mystery or espionage series, where what's going on is to be mysterious.By its nature uses several Driving Questions right at the outset. Can often become a Kudzu Plot if the pieces of the puzzle don't quite fit together.

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Head: Write your name and title of the book on back of the head.

According to its website, and reports in the Japanese media suggest Bildt.

I’ve been devouring mysteries ever since, and I especially love mysteries for younger readers.

They’re lots of fun and can be high-stakes and suspenseful without being too dark or gory.

Solution: ration out the information about what's going on with an eyedropper, and let the viewers scratch their heads about it until much later on. At its best (and with a sharp audience that's well-prepared for it), the series can become an interesting intellectual challenge that generates hours and hours of Fan Wank, Epileptic Trees and watercooler discussions, and creates memorable moments as connections between seemingly minor or unrelated details fall into place, revealing illuminating insights (see Wham Episode).

At its worst, the series becomes an incomprehensible Mind Screw ruled by The Chris Carter Effect, patched together by the occasional Ass Pull.

A video game that forces the player to go and find the plot pieces is using Story Breadcrumbs.

Not to be confused with the kind of plot that involves failing to escape deathtraps.


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