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Jung, originally a follower of Freud, split from Freud in 1913, primarily because he believed that Freud presented a reductive view of human nature that left out transpersonal potentialities.

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The following points summarize the most important of these ideas and highlight points of comparison with Assagioli:1.

The collective unconscious and archetypes are ancestral inheritances that have universal meaning and are in themselves beyond the personal dimension (Jung, 2012).

Through an historical examination of their psychological models, especially focusing on the transpersonal issues outlined by Assagioli in archival materials and elsewhere, this article discusses Jung's and Assagioli's places in and influence on the history of transpersonal psychology.

KEYWORDS: Assagioli, psychosynthesis, analytical psychology, Jung, psychological models.

It is the most fundamental of transpersonal archetypes.

Jung called the Self "God's image," explain-ing that this archetype is symbolically represented by the mandala and other symbols of totality (Jung, 1982).

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This will become clear as we review communications between the two men and trace Assagioli's references to and comments on Jung's psychological model.

Towards the end of the article we return to the ideas introduced here as we draw together the threads of our comparison of Jung's and Assagioli's models.


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