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If they follow the scientific method, and allow scrutiny, then they may develop into a full-blown field The common denominator for the rest is money.

Every pseudoscience has money or an unethical motivation at the root, and dresses crankery up as science to persuade the public.

Whilst few positive results have been found, it could still be classed as a genuine field that tries to stick to the scientific method.

Whether positive results are gained or not is largely irrelevant, only that the method is followed.

Unfortunately, many pseudo researchers in this field distort findings and try to fit the results to their theory, rather than using them to try to refine hypotheses.

The Atkins diet is another example of verification error, resulting in potentially dangerous practices.

Pseudosciences are often selective with facts, selecting results that suit their needs.

Peer reviewing and replication are essential to science, so any experiment that does not allow this process cannot be taken seriously. If researchers into ESP and telekinesis follow the scientific method, and accept results for what they are, then their work can be classed as science.


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