Proud To Be A Canadian Essay

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Multiculturalism is defines as “the policy of maintaining a diversity of ethnic cultures within a community” ().

Canada does accept people from virtually every culture, but requires that cultural An internment camp is a “large detention center created for political opponents, enemy aliens, people with mental illness, members of specific ethnic or religious groups, civilian inhabitants of a critical war-zone, or other groups of people, usually during a war” (wiki).

(But we can understand how he could have made that mistake, and we did apologize for the confusion.) We take no offense to being initially labeled as Americans, as more often than not, Americans are very loved too.

Although it may be counterintuitive to the democratic process, the actions of government do not always reflect the values of the common people (heh), and many citizens of the world rightly recognize this.

We are made out to be an extension of America, and sometimes get pulled into a discussion on our neighbour’s politics whether we choose to engage in it or not.

A tour guide once noted that we were essentially the same because we had elected a “crazy conservative President, like Bush”.Recent issues focus more on changes the things already occurring in the country, in contrast to preventing people from coming, or preventing changes from happening.For example, Bill 94 requires people in Quebec to “uncover their faces to identify themselves in order to receive government services” (1).It can be like flashing a gold card at an expensive night club, sometimes you just get treated better for it.Like C, some people don’t know a lot about us aside from a few popular celebrities.Canada has come a long way since these times of immorality.Following the Second World War, immigration is still selective, but is a major improvement in comparison to historical times.(At the very least, even though Robin is fictional, she is better than some other representatives we have as a nation.) Understandably, popular culture is often the first teacher overseas, as it can transcend the barriers of language and miles (for English students in foreign countries, watching TV is often homework as means to improve their language skills).We don’t have the constant international media attention that our neighbours to the south have.How can a veiled woman be identified in her Driver’s Licence, for example, if her face is covered. “I would like to ask you a question,” C almost whispered, pushing her long hair back behind her ear. ” Despite my best efforts to spare her vulnerable feelings, a snicker escaped.


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