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What other countries give billions of dollars of aid to countries that don’t even like them?Yes, some of it ends up going into some foreign dictator’s bank account, and the U.In fact, it’s difficult to imagine any modern convenience or piece of technology that have America’s fingerprints all over it. Of course, many of America’s finest inventors came here from other countries, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it was in America that they found the right combination of freedom and financial resources to do amazing things.

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The United States is replete with stories of immigrants who stepped off the boat at Ellis Island, speaking no English and carrying $10 in their pocket, and who went on to become fabulously wealthy within just a few years.

Of course, there are no guarantees that everyone will succeed, as business failures and bankruptcies are a part of capitalism, but in America even if one fails, they have the chance to dust themselves off and start over again if they wish.

The number of cutting edge inventions and refinements of existing technologies that have come out of America in the last two hundred years is staggering. Patent and Trademark Office, of the over 4.5 million patents issued since 1790, the United States owns over half of them, or nearly 2.5 million!

Everything from the airplane (1903) and phonograph (1877), to the drinking straw (1888) and feather duster (1870), have been the by-product of American ingenuity and resourcefulness. Much of this creativity has to be credited to America’s entrepreneurial spirit and quest for knowledge, the two elements essential to getting things done.

Certainly, it would be difficult to imagine the Allies winning two World Wars without the awesome industrial strength of the United States behind them, all of it a by-product of our entrepreneurial spirit.

America is no stranger to war, and has suffered through nearly a dozen of them throughout its long history.It’s not that other countries can’t make claims regarding their own unique and positive qualities, or that America is the only country that matters, but I feel compelled to stand up for the nation of my birth.As a veteran, I thought a top ten list outlining what makes America great might be in order, especially today.Yes, we’ve been burned a few times in the process and, unfortunately, have been willing to prop up oppressive, anti-Communist regimes over the years but, for the most part, America tries to get it right.To get an idea of how valuable its contribution has been, imagine the 20 a perfect country.Compare this to how the Soviet Union treated its former enemies; it demanded—and received—reparations from the conquered nations of Eastern Europe under its control, nearly equal to that provided by the Marshall Plan.This not only further crippled their already devastated economies, but delayed their recovery by decades.However, with a couple of debatable exceptions, America has never started a war, nor has it engaged in wars of conquest, even when it had the opportunity to expand its frontiers considerably.The Mexican-American war of 1845 is a good example of this; though the brief war ended in a Mexican rout, America not only didn’t annex the country, but quickly withdrew once hostilities ended. Further, with the exception of World War II—when, sadly, fire-bombing civilian population centers was practiced by both sides—America generally makes every effort to limit civilian casualties and collateral damage whenever possible, even at considerable cost to itself.Obviously, critics will be able to name exceptions to almost everything I write here, but I stand by each main point, even if there are failures to be occasionally found.And so here, in no particular order, is my list — incomplete as it may be — of ten things that makes the USA a great nation.


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