Proud Of Country Essay

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India has unique topographical features – plains of central India, rain forests of the north east, icy cold Himalayan region and dry arid desert in west, among others.

The cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of India is as much diverse as its geography.

Most of the Indian heritages and monuments have been added to the world heritage sites.

India is my mother country and I love it very much.

It was a slave country earlier to the 1947 under the British rule.

However, after many years of hard struggles and sacrifices of the great Indian freedom fighters, India got freedom from the British rule in 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India and hoisted the Indian flag when India got freedom and he proclaimed that “When the world sleeps, India will wake to life and freedom”.

It is a famous country for its great cultural and traditional values all across the world.

It contains a mountain called Himalaya which is biggest in the world.

India is the seventh-largest country and most populous democracy in the world.

It is located in South Asia and was officially declared as the Republic of India after its independence from British rule.


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