Problem Solving Strategies For Students

Problem Solving Strategies For Students-44
As a result, the teacher took the highly preferred toy and placed it in her desk for a while.The teacher asks you how to handle the situation with that preferred toy and how to support children to solve common social problems.

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Problem-solving is what we do when we look at a task and don’t know what to do.

This makes strategies very important – they are how we begin.

The teacher observed one boy trying to forcefully grab the toy from a girl.

Another boy had a temper tantrum because he did not have a turn playing with the toy.

There are some numbers given, along with clues about the fact that this involves addition and/or subtraction. Here is a list of problem-solving strategies adapted from the book Some of these strategies are intuitive for many students.

How many of your students would act it out or draw a picture to help solve the bus problem?

The final post will address fostering perseverance with problem-solving.

If you would like to explore these ideas further, please watch this about this topic.

Give them time to think individually and to work with a partner or in a small group on the problem. Has one team thought about how many beats in a minute?

Has one team drawn a calendar as an organizer for their information?


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