Problem Solving Skill Test

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Some other terms which are often used in discussions of creativity include: Intuition - the ability to draw conclusions based on impressions and feelings rather than hard facts.It is a characteristic of right-brain thinking and some people rely on it more than others.Right-brain thinking is more holistic and is concerned with feelings and impressionistic relationships.

It requires us to look beyond the obvious, creating ideas which may, at first, seem unrealistic or have no logical connection with the problem.

There is a large element of creative thinking in solving open problems.

Workable can improve candidate sourcing, interviewing and applicant tracking for a streamlined hiring process.

Problem solving requires two distinct types of mental skill, analytical and creative.

Potential hires who recognize a problem, or predict one could potentially occur, will stand out.

Candidates should also demonstrate how they would fix the issue, and prevent it from occurring again.

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The ability to evaluate and resolve problems is a powerful skill that is applicable to a wide variety of positions.


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