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Published by BEAM, these two activities can be used to develop students' understanding of ordering and place value using numbers up to 200. Students have to cut out the pieces then arrange them into a ten by ten grid. *Nearest to 30 - students use dice to generate digits which can then be multiplied by either five or ten to try to reach a set target. Find the difference between the place value and face value of digit 6 in the numeral 2960543.

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 6 and 7 in year 2.

Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with using place value and number facts to solve problems.

Solution: The place value of 4 in hundreds place = 400 The place value of 4 in hundred thousand place = 400000 Their product = 400000 × 400 = 160000000 3.

Write the smallest 5-digit number: (a) having 5 different digits (b) having 8 in thousands place (c) having 9 in ones place Solution: (a) The smallest 5 different digits are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Therefore, the smallest 5-digit number having 5-different digits 10234 (b) The smallest 5-digit number having 8 in thousands place is 18023.

The student may have rote-learned place value names and may be able to identify the digit in the tens or hundreds place but cannot create a model of whole numbers.

The student may not understand 10 as the basis of our number system and may see 1 purely as a counting unit.

This Place Value Consolidation Year 5 Block 1 resource is aimed at Year 5 Secure and has been designed to give children the opportunity to consolidate the skills they have learned in Block 1 – Place Value.

Mathematics Year 5: (5N2) Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit Mathematics Year 5: (5N1) Count forwards or backwards in steps of powers of 10 for any given number up to 1 000 000 Mathematics Year 5: (5N5) Interpret negative numbers in context, count forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers, including through zero Mathematics Year 5: (5N4) Round any number up to 1 000 000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 Mathematics Year 5: (5N6) Solve number problems and practical problems that involve all of the above Mathematics Year 5: (5N3b) Read Roman numerals to 1000 (M) and recognise years written in Roman numerals Small Steps: Numbers to 100.000 Counting in 10s, 100s, 1,000s, 10,000s and 100,000s Compare and order numbers to a million Negative numbers Roman Numerals to 1000 Round any number up to 1,000, 000 ​​​This resource is available to download with a Premium subscription.

Solution: Place value of digit 6 in 2960543 = 60000 Face value of digit 6 in 2960543 = 6 Their difference = 60000 - 6 = 59994 2.

Find the product of the place values of two 4s in the numeral 30426451.


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