Problem Solving In Nursing

This is especially relevant to site-specific scheduling issues, individual learning needs, and ongoing communication about their level of clinical functioning.However, if students are unable to effectively problem solve with a preceptor, they need to involve their university faculty who is responsible for coordinating that clinical experience.One of the most common types of problem is when the unexpected happens.

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We recognize the preceptor's hard work, both in the clinical work and in teaching.

The School of Nursing's primary role expectation is that the preceptor will be a role model and teach the provision of high-quality care.

The most difficult decision is deciding to tackle a problem and implement a solution, especially as it is sometimes easier to ignore its existence.

Problem-solving takes time and effort, but once a problem has been addressed the nurse can feel satisfied that the issue has been resolved and is therefore less likely to re-emerge.

Examples of potential problems include: The School of Nursing is committed to providing preceptors with support, and we welcome involvement in problem solving.

Our job is to maintain contact with both the students and the preceptors during their clinical experience so we are aware if there are problems that need to be addressed.

When a problem occurs, it takes extra energy, time, and communication to help resolve it in a positive way for the patient, student, and clinician.

We believe that faculty, students, and preceptors all play an important role in the problem solving process.

So try to anticipate or identify problems when they occur through continuously monitoring staff performance and patient outcomes.

Listening to and observing junior staff will help you to detect work or organisational concerns, because when there are problems staff are likely to behave in an unusual or inconsistent manner.


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