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TRIZ is the Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, developed by the inventor, engineer, scientist and writer Genrich Altschuller. Altschuller studied over 400,000 patents and concluded that most of them are based on 40 principles of invention.He developed a methodology to “replicate the creative process of inventors”.

The approach of dealing with such problems is engineerish, assuming that the problem can be well defined, broke down to address each cause and a solution that can be true or false can be built.

With this approach I don’t want to undervalue or detach engineering and design, quite the contrary, but just highlight differences between both approaches and how they complement each other.

They could be named as are something to overcome, but not enough to complete a great job, they are at the base of the pyramid.

I’m talking about a non obvious joint between parts, a shape which increases manufacturing cost, slow queries to a database, too much information on one screen, a brand without enough contrasts on a particular background.

That’s fine, it’s just explaining what design is, but there is a mismatch between expression and explanation.

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If a client or stakeholder is as inexperienced to not understand that design is not the same as styling, alluding to “it´s problem-solving” without further explanation may only increase confusion.

This expression is repeated as a slogan here and there, but very rarely the concepts of are fully explained.

At best, the term is accompanied by an explanation of its intended meaning: design detached from art, fully functional or everything has a purpose.

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Many designers of all disciplines, some of them renowned names, keep in their speech the statement “design is problem solving” with the good intention of giving design a supposedly lost image of functionality and rigor. is problem solving” as a metaphor, as an attempt to distance design from the ornamental and whimsical.


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