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While much of this course has focused on ways to improve your own creativity, the larger goal of the course is for you to continue to develop your own creativity, in your own way and in your own life.This module continues the development creativity and give you the chance to begin planning your continued development. Have you ever took a stranger' S secret and propose another stranger to take that secret in exchange of one of his?Certainly, you want to make finding the culprit your top priority. Connect with Ravi on Linked In, Medium and Twitter.

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In each case, what you want and what you have are decidedly different. A small amount of courtesy and politeness goes a long way to keep you focused on the pure merits of the idea and avoid distractions of personal politics.

And in most of the cases, we have the driving and motivation to solve the problem but there is no clear-cut procedure to go about it. If one keeps on applying creativity techniques in each and every aspect in all the walks of life, one can emerge as a successful problem solver in the future life. That brings us to the fascinating study done by the brilliant mathematician, George Pólya (1887–1985). Remember we all are capable of generating excellent innovative ideas and we all are equally capable of proposing real turkeys. Read discussion forums and mailing lists to get a good flavor for the problems people are running into and the solutions offered.

We'll look at generating more ideas, how to critique and make improvements, and continue to practice our development of ideas.

Practice and exploration continue as these are the means we will continue to improve our own creativity.

A lot of the time, creativity can be spurred by something in the environment, triggering connections with new ideas.

We react to things we have seen and our experiences; that is from where we build our new ideas.

And here are some ways in which the problem understanding mindset can be developed. The “What” mindset starts with the following questions.· What is the root cause of the problem? When a problem appears, instead of saying ”, you can quickly look up the solution you have used in the past.

Broadly speaking, there can be 2 mindsets for solving problems. · What options I have in hand to rectify the problem· What can I do to Prevent the problem from occurring again? Needless to say, it not only saves your time but boosts your self-esteem and confidence to unthinkable levels.

This course is an opportunity to do crazy stuff like that!

The University of Minnesota is among the largest public research universities in the country, offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional students a multitude of opportunities for study and research.


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