Problem Of Corruption Essay

Then, they should see that all the teaching & non-teaching staff are discharging their duties properly.

The teachers should be dutiful and teach the students not just for salary but to produce good students.

Where there is spirituality [light], there will be no corruption [darkness].

Solution: All the religious leaders viz Hindu Gurus, Muslim Leaders, Christian Fathers, Buddhist Monks etc should preach spirituality / morality as the universal religious teachings not fanatic / bigoted / malicious /dogmatic / ritualistic / narrow minded teachings that stands against unity in diversity.

They should see how his/her department is functioning in the interest/welfare of the people.

Result oriented, innovative plans/projects should be implemented sincerely & effectively.

General public also cannot stop them from corruption as they got corrupted money & treats during election.

So, there should be strict rules to punish both the candidates and the voters who give or demand money etc.

Corruption in gun deal or boats/ships/aircraft carrier or fighter jets etc. Solution: Whether Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary, Public Distribution Systems, Accounts, Statistics, Trade & Commerce, Legal, Social Welfare, Forestry, banks, post Offices, Irrigation & Flood Control or any other government department you name it and there is found corruption in one way or the other.

So, now all these nonsense called corruptions have to stop in all the departments else the future is very gloomy for the society.


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