Preschool Homework Sheets To Print

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With that in mind, lets talk about why worksheets should not be in the early childhood setting.A worksheet does not teach, no matter how hard you believe they do, they just don’t.

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Let me start off by explaining what a worksheet means to me. There are no other materials used in conjunction with the worksheet.

These include handwriting practice sheets and coloring pages.

But the simple manipulation of life cycle models or watching the life cycle happen in front of them is much more meaningful and appealing.

Hands on learning benefits all learning styles, even those kids who love to write.

My 2 year old is frustrating me with learning her letters.

I have tried everything, we do a worksheet a day, but I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. If you are frustrated and your child is frustrated when worksheets are being used, then it’s not an effective learning tool. I’m not going to tell you that a young child isn’t going to love worksheets because I was the type of child that loved worksheets.

This is more towards workbooks, especially if you follow the workbook page by page.

Just because the workbook says it’s for 3 year olds, does not mean your child is ready for it.

Related: What to Teach My Preschooler and When to Teach It It’s best to teach your child based on their interests and signs of readiness.

A workbook does not allow room for every child’s unique growth and development sequence. When I taught in the public schools, we were told to get kids to think for themselves and defend their answers.


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